Mugo MP3 Player

Mugo MP3 Player

Mugo, the art toy that functions as both an MP3 player and USB flash drive, is at it again by releasing not one but two amazing design series. The new ‘Artist Series’ release includes the talents of Frank Kozik, Jon Burgerman, Patricio Oliver, Scott Tolleson, Travis Lampe and Jim Koch. Also, their ongoing ‘Discover Series’ uncovers some fresh and emerging talents from artist submitted designs. A downloadable art template can be found on the Mugo website, www.mugoplayer.com, for fans and artists to come up with their own creations.

Navigate through your playlist by pressing the Mugo ‘face’ and expose the USB plug by removing the cap. These little guys can pack up to 500 songs or any digital files including photos and videos on its 2GB memory stick. It has a built-in rechargeable battery and works on either Mac or PC without the need for any cables or software. So simple, just plug-n-play. Available online at www.mugoplayer.com for just $59 and they ship anywhere in the world for free with the purchase of 2 or more.

MUGO features
Enhanced memory: 2GB memory to store your important documents, music and videos.
Compatible with MAC OS X and Windows 98, Windows 7, VISTA and XP.
Limited edition designs from international and local artists.
Rechargeable battery – up to 8 hours of continuous play.
Plug and Play feature.
Direct USB connection – no cables needed.
Portability: detach from your computer’s USB port and take it with you.

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