PIIQ Premium Headphones (7)

PIIQ Premium Headphones

Powerful sound, with fully adjustable comfort

• Powerful sound
Big drivers push big sound. The 40MM drivers in Marqii™ phones deliver powerful bass and supreme sound right to your ears.

• Padded headband – keep it cush and comfy
Thick pads in the headband rest on your head for comfortable listening or around your neck for a little down time.

• Locking sliders – lock it in to fit your crown
Inspired by ratchet bands on snowboard boots, the locking headband is easy to adjust and will stay in position for sure.

• Detachable cord – plug and play with the no-tangle flat cord
smooth, flat and detachable.

• Over-ear cans – keep the world out and music in

PIIQ Premium Headphones

PIIQ Premium Headphones (6)


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