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BAMscape by Faulders Studio (1)

Architect: Faulders Studio
Location: Berkeley, California

BAMscape by Faulders Studio

BAMscape is a free-form seating environment commissioned by the Berkeley Art Museum/Pacific Film Archive. Installed for a two-year duration, BAMscape provides a new centerpiece within the museum’s large 6,692 sq ft central atrium gallery, and merges disciplines of art, architecture, and furniture. As an open site for lounging, film screenings, live performance and multimedia events, BAMscape fosters the museum’s direction for providing diverse event programming amidst its gallery spaces.

BAMscape hosts wireless Internet and integrated outlets for powering laptops, and allows visitors to enjoy the space as a site for study and social networking. To achieve a maximum of volumetric presence within the budget limitations, the pre-fab system deploys CNC large-scale laser cutting processes to custom manufacture 150 individual curved modules. Lightweight and comprised of 93% air, the rigid foam structural substrate is laminated with thin layers of painted plywood.

BAMscape by Faulders Studio (2)

BAMscape by Faulders Studio (3)

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